Vol.4 No.2 - May/June 2010
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Editor's Letter

Sep 2007 — Vol. 1, Iss. 1

From the President of the DCI

Dear Dental Colleagues,

Taking a peek into the future to try to predict what the oral health needs of our future patients will be—and how to approach them—are formidable tasks. It is equally difficult to discern the problems that will confront the profession. The modern world is a much smaller place than what the past generation knew. An even smaller world awaits the next generation. It is clear that isolation is not a viable option in this highly demanding and ever-changing world. This is a clarion call for dentistry to come together in a coordinated effort to improve oral health globally.

Journals of dentistry abound in India with either very basic or specialty-oriented information. This endeavor is to launch a professional magazine that has an international standing with topics relating to the practice of dentistry as a profession. Dentistry India will take into account the significant advances in the diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases being made throughout the world and also incorporate sophisticated emerging information technology and research. The dental profession has a resourceful and ingenious future that can be realized only by a commitment to think creatively. The Internet makes possible global communications and access to information around the world that breaks down national and other barriers and accelerates the speed of communication. Among other effects, these new technologies are improving efficiency in patient treatment, scheduling, referrals, and record keeping. It is important to keep pace and explore methods of disseminating information through scientific journals, books, and other documents.

Dental organizations in the country have the task of developing and implementing specific activities that have an impact on our professional outlook. Success always requires collaboration, a determination to break down hurdles of isolation and pooling of resources for a common cause. Such coalitions have to dissolve boundaries and involve groups both inside and outside the country. It is my vision that as the global community grows closer together, the highest standards to maintain oral healthcare should be made available to our professionals. As the President of the Dental Council of India, I consider it my foremost duty to integrate and implement novel methodologies for the dissemination of professional information. This journal is a step toward this aim, where we will incorporate the relevant literature on the enhanced technologies into clinical practice. The first issue of this journal will herald a new era in the history of the Dental Council of India to have the privilege of showcasing some of the finest manuscripts published by AEGIS International.

Dentistry is part of the broad spectrum of health services that addresses the needs of the general population. Its mission is to guard the oral health of the public. The dental profession defines its role as fostering “the improvement of the health of the public” and promoting the “art and science of dentistry.” The profession has to find ways to keep abreast of the latest findings in the world with an Indian perspective incorporated.

The emphasis today is on promoting health, rather than preventing disease. This approach is expected to gain momentum in the years ahead. Dentistry’s record of health promotion through private practice and community-based prevention programs positions it to play a leading role in future public health initiatives. The single incontestable fact is that healthcare is a global concern that breaks down national boundaries. Microbes can be transported around the world in a matter of hours. Healthcare information can be transmitted from one corner of the globe to another in seconds. New and useful scientific findings and technologies can arise anywhere in the world. Dentistry is a resident of that global community and a vital participant on the world stage. We would like to be an active player of what is happening rather than following the trends, and ensure that the professional knowledge of dentists in our country remains current. Dentistry India is the first step towards this goal by the Council.


Anil Kohli
Dental Council of India