Vol.4 No.2 - May/June 2010
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Nov 2009 — Vol. 3, Iss. 5


Implant Care Program

Ivoclar Vivadent presents Implant Care, a product program for the professional care of patients. This program includes a set of coordinated products that allow dentists to meet the requirements posed by complex restoration structures and the patient’s individual intraoral situation. High-quality superstructures, fixed or removable dentures, and natural teeth are thus optimally treated. For more information, please call +423 235 35 35 or visit

Proxyt Prophy Pastes

The Proxyt prophylaxis paste system allows dental professionals to treat their patients according to their individual needs. Available in three different abrasive values, Proxyt covers the entire spectrum of teeth cleaning, from the removal of light accretion and pathogenic plaque to the elimination of stains and fine polishing. The pastes also contain xylitol and fluoride. For more information, please call +423 235 35 35 or visit

New Tetric N-Family of Products

Ivoclar Vivadent is introducing a comprehensive nano-optimized restoration system for high-quality standard restorations. The letter ‘N’ refers to what is new: the nano-optimized technology, on which the Tetric N-Family of products is based. These products include: Tetric N-Ceram, Tetric N-Flow, Tetric N-Bond, and Tetric N-Bond Self-Etch. For more information, please call +423 235 35 35 or visit

Ivoclar Vivadent Expands LED Curing Light Range

Ivoclar Vivadent introduces bluephase 20i and bluephase C8, two new versions of the classic bluephase polymerization light. All three lights are based on the same technology offering a halogen-like broadband range due to the “polywave LED.” The new generation of bluephase has been specifically designed to meet various user needs. For more information, please call +423 235 35 35 or visit

New Antimicrobial Treated Face Mask

Crosstex® announces the launch of the Ultra Sensitive Medical Face Mask treated with BIOSAFE® antimicrobial in specific markets outside the US. The new medical mask provides an unprecedented level of protection and has been proven effective against H1N1 and other Influenza A strains as well as other harmful microorganisms. For more information, please call 1-888-276-7783 or visit