Vol.4 No.2 - May/June 2010
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CE Information

CE Information:
Dentistry India offers 2 Continuing Education (CE) credit hours per issue. To receive credit, visit or record your answers on the answer sheet or submit them on a separate piece of paper. You may also phone your answers in to (877) 423-1275, or fax them to (215) 504-1502. Be sure to include your name, address, and phone number. The deadline for submission of quizzes is 24 months after the date of publication. Participants must attain a score of 70% on each quiz to receive credit. Participants are urged to contact their state registry boards for special CE requirements.

As a matter of policy, Dentistry India does not place ads adjacent to other ads or editorial that related to the same or similar subject. However, we must occasionally deviate from this policy because of an unusual volume of advertising or editorial material on a particular topic.

As a matter of policy, if an author is employed by, received financial renumeration for, or has a financial interest in any commercial products mentioned in an article he or she publishes in Dentistry India this information is disclosed within the article.

The views and opinions expressed in the articles appearing in this publication are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the view or opinions of the editors, the editorial board, or the publisher. As a matter of policy, the editors, the editorial board, the publisher, the university affiliate do not endorse any products, medical techniques, or diagnoses, and publication of any material in this journal should not be construed as such an endorsement.

WARNING: Reading an article in Dentistry India does not necessarily qualify you to integrate new techniques or procedures into your practice. AEGIS Publications expects its readers to rely on their judgment regarding their clinical expertise and recommends further education when necessary before trying to implement any new procedure.

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